How to Control Oily Skin

Having oily skin type can be both a blessing and a curse.  Your skin produces enough oil to protect itself and may reduce the number of wrinkles you get as you age.  But large, clogged pores, frequent breakouts, and a consistent slick shine are enough to drive you crazy.  But with the right skincare products, knowledge, and consistency, you’ll learn how to control oily skin and drastically improve your skin’s condition.

Oily Skin Problems

Oily skin type is a genetic condition which causes an overproduction of natural oil, which protects the surface of the skin.

Androgens (male hormones present in both males and females) cause the production of oil in the skin.  When there’s a healthy amount on the skin’s surface, your skin can protect itself and create a healthy environment.  But for those who suffer from excess, this isn’t the case.

Too much oil causes your pores to enlarge so they can hold the excess.  It also causes the pore lining to thicken.  This makes it very difficult for oil to flow through the pore to the surface.  Instead, oil becomes trapped in your pores, clogging them and leading to breakouts.  Oil also breeds bacteria which leads to breakouts.

Due to genetics, you can’t cure oily skin, but you can slow the flow of excess oil and control it.  Everyone needs oil on their skin’s surface to protect against environmental pollutants, but an overproduction clogs pores, creates shine, and an environment for bacteria to thrive, causing breakouts.  A nice recipe for disaster.  And if your skin is dehydrated or you’re using the wrong products, the problems will only worsen.  With summer right around the corner (when oily skin is at its worst), getting the right regimen underway will help you step outside in confidence all season long.

Quality Products Matter

Using quality skincare products formulated for your skin type is key to controlling oily skin.  Quality as in containing the right ingredients and free of harmful alcohols, dyes, or fragrance.

The goal of oily and acneic skincare products is to hydrate the skin while controlling oil production.  The right products will keep your face from shining, reduce breakouts, and keep your skin balanced and healthy.

Many products on the market claim to fix oily and acneic skin, but contain damaging ingredients.  These products may strip your skin of moisture and clog pores.  Skin cells MUST be hydrated to survive.  When you lose all moisture, skin cells die and causes a buildup of dead cells on the skin’s surface.  This traps bacteria and oil under the skin which leads to even more clogged pores and breakouts.

Harmful products will temporarily dry out the surface, but the oil will push back with a vengeance a few hours later.  This keeps you in a nasty cycle which damages your skin’s ability to repair itself while escalating current problems.

Other low-quality products contain ingredients that clog pores which only encourages breakouts.

A quality product will dry out excess oil, but keep the skin hydrated in the process so it doesn’t disrupt the skin’s balance.

Always read product labels before buying skin care products.

Ingredients to Use and Which to Avoid

Any product containing oil won’t be good for oily skin type and can clog pores.

How to Control Oily Skin

  1. Always use a gentle, sulfate-free face cleanser formulated for your skin type to prevent moisture loss while drying out excess oil.  Cleanse up to 3x a day if needed.
  2. Stop using a cleanser if it leaves your skin feeling dry and tight.  Find something gentler.
  3. Exfoliation is key to controlling oily, acneic skin.  Incorporate a gentle acid into your daily routine to clear the skin of dead cells and reduce the risk of oil becoming trapped in your pores. Salicylic acid is your best friend.
  4. Use an oil-free, lightweight moisturizer to hydrate and protect your skin without clogging pores.
  5. Add an astringent into your routine to control excess oil.
  6. Always use quality products formulated for your skin type.
  7. Use an oil-free sunscreen safe for use on your face.
  8. Carry blotting papers in your purse to reduce shine throughout the day.

Controlling Oily Skin

Oily skin can’t be cured, but you can control it by sticking to quality skincare products formulated for your skin type.  Exfoliate weekly to remove dead skin cells which trap oil and bacteria in your pores.  Keep your skin protected with the right products and you’ll be on your way to healthy, glowing skin in no time!

What skincare struggles are you currently having?  Let me know below.

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