A Guide To Makeup Brushes

The recipe for a perfect makeup application includes using quality makeup brushes.  The right brushes will help you evenly apply makeup, build upon colors for intensity, and blend like a pro.

And plus, building a solid brush collection is half the fun!

Quality Matters

You don’t have to spend hundreds on quality makeup brushes.  With the right research, you’ll be able to find quality brushes at a reasonable price.  There are just a few things to keep in mind when considering new brushes.

When looking for brushes, run your fingers through possible candidates to see if they shed.  If the bristles fall out, move on.  You don’t want to buy a brush if it’s going to fall apart on you!

Avoid brushes that feel scratchy against your skin.  This may cause irritation every time you apply your makeup.  And irritation isn’t good for your skin period.

Avoid using eyeshadow applicators and small brushes in your blush compact.  The applicators will leave an uneven, blotchy finish while the blush brush won’t cover the entire area you need it to.

Face Brushes

Makeup Brushes For Face

Foundation Brush

Your foundation brush works well with creamier and liquid foundations.  Dab some foundation onto the back of your hand then sweep one side of the brush into makeup.  Start in the middle of your face and work outward.  Work in downward motions around your face for an even and smooth application.

Bronzer Brush

A flat, thick brush that allows you to easily sweep and press bronzer onto your face to give the skin a natural-looking warmth.

Brow Brush

One end of your brow brush will have a spoolie, while the other end will have a small flat, angled brush.  The bristles will be stiffer to give you precision when filling in your brows.

It’s great for creating feather-like strokes throughout your brow hair or to frame the brow.  After applying your brow makeup, use the spoolie- end and brush upwards then downwards through your brows to blend your makeup.

Blend until your brows look natural and full.

Powder (Dome) Brush

A large, fluffy brush with soft bristles that allows you to evenly apply loose or pressed powder around your face.  The end is a bit pointy to help you apply into crevices such as around your nose.

Kabuki Brush

This shorter fluffy brush is great for applying any powders, including your blush and bronzer.

Lip Brush

A stiff pointed brush to make application easy and smooth.  Your lip brush makes it simple to stay within the lip area when applying lipstick or lipgloss.

Blush Brush

A soft, fluffy brush that lets you dust the perfect amount of blush across the apples of your cheeks.  One of my favorites!

Concealer Brush

A brush with firm yet smooth bristles gentle enough to sweep under the eyes.  This brush has a tapered end to help apply concealer in all the right places with ease.

Eyeshadow Brushes

Eyeshadow Brushes Guide

Great brushes are necessary for a perfect eyeshadow application.

Always hold your brush handle closer to the end rather than near the ferrule (the metal piece that connects the handle to the bristles).  This will keep you from pressing down too hard which creates harsh, blotchy patches with your shadow.

The goal is to have your powder lightly dusted onto the lid while having complete control.

Tap your brush against your palette to remove excess powder from your brush (which contributes to eyeshadow fallout) before application.

Fluff Brush

A wide, softer brush used to apply eyeshadow over the entire lid and brow bone quickly.  It’s perfect for setting your eye primer.

Crease Brush

Your crease (or contour) brush is rounded at the tip and flat, making it great for precision.

You want to use a brush that’s stiff, but not too stiff when applying shadow to your creases.  I’ve found that if a brush is too stiff, it makes it hard to transition the powder from the brush to your lids.  You may end up with a patchy application.

Eye Blending Brush

A great blending brush is what helps create stunning eye makeup.  Use this soft, fluffy brush to finish off your shadow application.

You want eyeshadow to melt into your skin instead of looking blotchy. The colors should transition into each other instead of seeing where one color starts and another ends.

Always use a clean blending brush to avoid blending a darker color into a lighter shade.

Oval Shadow Brush

This softer brush has a rounded edge and is great for sweeping eyeshadow across the lid.

If you’re using a creamier eyeshadow or glitter, your oval brush is the way to go.

It’s great for sweeping pops of color onto the center of your lids.  Press the shadow onto your oval brush, tap off the excess powder, and press down onto the middle and inner corners of your lids to give them life.

Flat Brush

This firm brush is great for applying shadow eyeliner.  The straight, stiff bristles allow for a smooth application right on the lower lash line.

Use this brush wet or dry.

Smudge Brush

This brush has a sponge-like tip which allows you to smudge your eyeliner out giving it a blurred effect.  This gives you a bit of edge when used on your kohl pencil or gel liner.  It also compliments smoky eyeshadow.

If you’re not great at applying the smoky shadow look, create a hashtag symbol with your eyeliner at the outer corner of your lid and blend it with your smudge brush to get a quick and easy smoked-out effect.

Caring For Your Makeup Brushes

Good quality brushes will last a long time if you properly care for them.

Deep clean your brushes with baby shampoo once a month to keep your brushes working as they should.  Avoid washing near the metal piece as water can loosen the bristles, causing them to fall out.

Spray them with brush cleaner after each use to keep them clean for your next application.

Not only do dirty brushes harbor bacteria, but they can alter the colors of your eyeshadow when applying.

Clean brushes make for a clean makeup application!

What’s your favorite brush you currently use and why?  Let me know below!

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