12 Ways to Repurpose Your ipsy Bags

Different Ways to Reuse ipsy Bags

ipsy Rocks Once a month, I feel like a little kid on Christmas, when my mail lady stops by.  Opening my mailbox to see that little pink package seriously makes my day!  ipsy always comes through with amazing new products and makeup brushes for me to try.  But one of the biggest things I get […]

How to Remove Blackheads (Without Damaging Your Skin)

How to Remove Blackheads

Almost all of us have the unfortunate luck of dealing with blackheads.  No matter what you do, they always seem to creep their way back onto your face.  And while there’s no solution to completely nixing clogged pores, there’s a safe way you can remove blackheads at home.   What Are Blackheads Blackheads are non-inflamed open pores filled […]

How to Determine Your Skin Type

How to Wash Your Face

Knowing Your Skin Type is Key to Healthy, Glowing Skin Before using any skincare products it’s crucial to know your skin type.  This is the first step in figuring out what your skin care regimen will be and understanding the true condition of your skin. Without knowing this, caring for your skin will be next […]

How to Wash Your Makeup Brushes

Wash Makeup Brushes

Clean makeup brushes are mandatory for clear, glowing skin and a smooth, even makeup application.  If you know how to wash your makeup brushes, you can avoid clogged pores, create beautiful makeup looks, and proudly display your collection of makeup brushes. Contaminated brushes loaded with bacteria and old makeup clog pores and lead to breakouts.  […]

A Complete Guide To Makeup Brushes

A Guide To Makeup Brushes

The recipe for a perfect makeup application includes using quality makeup brushes.  The right brushes will help you evenly apply makeup, build upon colors for intensity, and blend like a pro. And plus, building a solid brush collection is half the fun! Quality Matters You don’t have to spend hundreds on quality makeup brushes.  With […]