Valentine’s Day Makeup Look 1: The Sweetheart

Valentine's Day Makeup

It’s hard to believe Valentine’s Day is already right around the corner!  Love is in the air, and I’m daydreaming of all things pink.  Whether you’re going out for a romantic getaway with your sweetheart, or tucking in with some wine and a few good movies, dazzle yourself up for your fun evening ahead.  This […]

10 Quick Ways to Kickstart Your Mornings

Morning Rituals

  If you’re anything like me, hitting the snooze button is the only logical option in the early morning hours.  When the grogginess takes over and you know you have time to sleep longer, why wouldn’t you take that opportunity? That is until you’re fully awake and rushing to get out the door. It follows […]

How to Achieve A Perfect Eye Makeup

Creating the perfect eye makeup look doesn’t have to be overwhelming and is easier than you think once you get the hang of it. When done right, eye makeup opens up your eyes and gives new life to your features.  Your makeup can give your eyes a bit of edge or soften them up.  But […]

5 Skin Benefits of Charcoal Masks and My Top 3 Picks

5 Skin Benefits of Charcoal Masks

Do Charcoal Masks Work? One of my favorite masks I’ve been using lately is a charcoal mask by Body Drench.  The results have been amazing!  If I happen to have a breakout, I double- cleanse my face, exfoliate, and apply a charcoal mask before extracting blackheads.  Not only does the mask work to draw out […]

25 Things Stylish Women Do Every Day

Stylish Woman

You don’t have to break the bank to look polished and chic every day.  You just need to be well-prepared and have a sense of style.  Small tweaks to the wardrobe you already own can take your outfits from basic to head-turning in a matter of minutes.  These 25 secrets are well-known by stylish women everywhere. […]