Almost all of us have the unfortunate luck of dealing with blackheads.  No matter what you do, they always seem to creep their way back onto your face.  And while there’s no solution to completely nixing clogged pores, there’s a safe way you can remove blackheads at home.  

What Are Blackheads

Blackheads are non-inflamed open pores filled with oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria. 

These pores have a visible black discoloration due to surface oil coming into contact with air (oxidation).

Blackheads don’t have a life cycle, making them ready to extract when necessary. 

Raised blackheads, which make your skin feel bumpy, will be the easiest to extract.  Start extractions by getting these out as they cause makeup to sit unevenly and can’t be concealed.

You’ll have a hard time removing blackheads sitting level within the pore.  They’re stubborn to remove and fill back up again over time.  It’s better to conceal these deep blackheads with makeup instead of fighting them.  However, if they’re really bothering you, you can still use the method below to extract.

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