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Once a month, I feel like a little kid on Christmas, when my mail lady stops by.  Opening my mailbox to see that little pink package seriously makes my day!  ipsy always comes through with amazing new products and makeup brushes for me to try.  But one of the biggest things I get giddy for is seeing the cute little pouch all my new cosmetics come in.  The ipsy bags always have a fresh design and (most of the time) have a decent amount of space.

My husband calls me a crazy bag lady because I literally keep EVERYTHING in bags.  Like if you saw my house, you’d find Ziplocs scattered about in drawers, closets, and even other bags of mine.  So these cute little ipsy bags seriously just make my life that much better!

There are so many things you can repurpose your ipsy bags for, but these are the ways I use mine.  Hopefully, this list can help you make your things a little more organized and easily accessible.

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1. Spare Change

Tidy up your car’s cup holder by storing your loose change in an ipsy bag.  Your car will look cleaner and all your change can be easily moved as needed.  It also makes finding extra quarters for your morning coffee a quick and simple process!

2. Travel Makeup Bag

You should carry a travel makeup bag in your purse at all times.  It’s great to have for touching up makeup or sunscreen throughout the day.  It’s also great as a backup in case you didn’t have time for a full-face application.  Your ipsy bag is the perfect size to carry all these quick fixes.

3. Tech Bag

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I like to keep another ipsy bag in my purse for headphones, a power bank, a charger, and a charger box in case of emergency.  You could also store other things like a stylus, USB, or whatever small tech gear you need to keep with you.

4. Pens or Office Supplies

Keep an ipsy bag full of pens in your purse or car so you’re never struggling to find a pen again.

It’s also a great way to help clear up a bit of office clutter.  Simply store pens or any small office supplies in your bag and tuck away on a shelf or in your desk.

I use one for pens and highlighters, and another for paperclips and binder clips.

5. Event Wallet

Use an ipsy bag to store your money, cards, and cell phone if you’re attending a casual event.  This is great for things like camping or events you’ll be doing a lot of walking around.  You can easily tuck it away in a backpack so you have everything you need in one spot.

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6. Sunglasses Case

If you have a great pair of sunglasses, but no case to keep them safe, use an old ipsy bag!  Most ipsy bags are pretty sturdy so you won’t have to worry about damage as long as you store the bag with care.

7. Guitar Picks

I have an ipsy bag full of guitar picks to keep them all in one place.  They’re easy to lose track of so it’s nice to have them in one spot that can be transported wherever I need.

Use your bag for any other small knick-knacks you need all in one place for easy access.

8. Rings and/or Body Jewelry

If you don’t have a solid jewelry organization system down (or you have so much jewelry, you’re running out of storage space), use an ipsy bag to store your accessories.

You can also store headbands, hair ties, and bobby pins in your bag.

9. Craft Supplies

If you’re into crafts or have kids, repurpose your ipsy bags for craft supply storage.  Think markers, paint brushes, bobbins, thread, wires, etc.  You get the point.

10. Tampons

A great way to discreetly store your lady supplies is by storing them in an ipsy bag.  You can easily carry this bag to the bathroom with you and store it in your purse.

11. Medications and/or Vitamins

Another way to use your bag is for medications or vitamins you need while out of the house.  Just throw the bag in your purse and go.

12. Mini Gym Bag

I love using an ipsy bag to carry around the gym with me.  It’s so convenient for keeping small things you may use during your workout in one spot.  You don’t have to worry about forgetting anything on a machine ever again.

I keep mine filled with headphones, my cell phone, locker key, a pen, bobby pins, gum, and hand sanitizer.  If I forget to lock up my wedding rings, it’s also a convenient spot to store them.

Can you come up with any other ways to reuse your ipsy bags?  Let me know below!

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