Summer Swimsuits Under $30

  1. Rhinestone Bikini Set 2. Black Palm Trees Tankini 3. Snakeskin Bandeau 4. High-Waisted Black Tankini 5. Vintage Lace One Piece 6. Palm Trees Tankini 7. Striped One Piece 8. Striped Bikini Set

Swim season is back again and it’s time to hit the poolside in style with some fresh new pieces.  Whether you prefer a one-piece or love to rock a bikini, you’ll definitely be getting some compliments this summer!  These summer swimsuits are so versatile and won’t break the bank.

Mix and match with other swimsuits you have, and style them differently all season long.

1. Rhinestone Bikini Set

This gorgeous rhinestone bikini would be perfect for a day at the pool under a white, flowy cover-up.  Pair this with a cute sun hat, sunglasses, and espadrilles for a chic summer look.  Don’t forget a cute beach bag and a magazine!

2. Black Palm Trees Tankini

Tankinis are a great alternative to a one-piece swimsuit.  They provide the same amount of coverage but don’t hug your body the same as a one-piece, giving you more comfort.  And the palm trees on these bottoms have me dreaming of California🌴🌴

3. Snakeskin Bandeau

This snakeskin bandeau is super cute and a convenient option over other bikinis.  There are no strings to tie making it easier to slip on and off.  The lack of straps also relieves pressure from your neck and shoulders, allowing for a weightless, more relaxed swim.

4. High-Waisted Black Tankini

Another tankini that’s simple but stylish.  The high-waist gives you more protection from the sun and coverage on your stomach, making this swimsuit a comfortable option this summer.  This suit would also be great for mixing and matching with other suit pieces you may have.

5. Vintage Lace One Piece

A classic piece with a modern twist perfect for all your summer beach trips.  This laced one-piece can be covered up in many different ways.

Style this summer swimsuit with a knotted graphic and square shades while grabbing lunch at the nearest beach shack.  Or layer it with a long and flowy, unbuttoned coverup while relaxing under an umbrella.

6.  Palm Trees Tankini

This colorful tankini gives off some serious Miami vibes.  Style it with a pair of aviators and a pina colada in hand while chilling on a lounge chair under the sun.

7. Striped One Piece

A simple, but cute one piece that will go great with a cute sun hat and beach bag.

8. Striped Bikini Set

This bikini is a bit sporty but still a great option for decompressing under the summer sun.  The baby blue stripes aren’t too loud, and they give off an endless summer feeling.  A perfect option for beach activities or simply unwinding.

The Best Summer Swimsuit For You

The best summer swimsuit for you will be one you’ll get the most use out of all season.  Find one you can create different looks with throughout the summer and accessorize with many pieces for endless ideas.

I prefer neutrals when it comes to most clothing items, but swimsuits especially.  It makes them easy to match with other pieces I already have.

What’s your favorite swimsuit style?  Let me know below!

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