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Winter weather has already seemed to sneak up on us here in Illinois this year.  ‘Tis the season to layer up outdoors and tuck in with a cozy sweater and hot chocolate.  It’s also time to switch up your makeup game for the colder months ahead.  Hydration should be your focus this season as the brisk winds dry out your skin.  Live by these winter makeup hacks and your skin will be glowing and lively all season long!


Switch Up Your Skincare

Pack up your foaming-gel cleansers for the season.  Winter time is all about keeping your skin completely drenched in moisture.  Switch to a creamy or milk-based cleanser to remove impurities and refresh your skin.

Cleansers tend to leave the skin in a stripped state, gel cleansers causing the most damage.

Use a creamier-based product to help your skin retain moisture in the winter months.

Always stick to a moisturizer suited for your skin type.  Using a richer moisturizer (say for those with mature skin) will only clog pores and lead to breakouts.

Applying too much moisturizer will also lead you to waste your product!  Do yourself a favor and only apply a pea-sized amount to your face and neck.

Instead of using a different moisturizer for the season, apply a hydrating serum before moisturizing.

The sun is damaging year-round and can cause skin damage and premature aging.  This means even through your windows, so wear sunscreen daily- all through the winter!

Hydrated skin is key during winter to fight flaky foundation and keep your skin looking younger.  It also creates the perfect base for the rest of your makeup.

Exfoliate your lips with a good lip scrub and use a lip balm all season.  It’ll give your lipstick a smooth surface to glide on.


Invest in a good humidifier for your bedroom this winter.  It will help your skin retain moisture through the night as well as help you breathe better during this dry time of year.

Choose one that you can add essential oils to help you sleep better and wake up more refreshed.  I like the Aurora  Ultrasonic 1-Gallon Humidifier.  It has a spot for all my essential oils as well as an LED light option that changes colors throughout the night.

The light is a completely optional feature for those who sleep better without light (totally me!).  I like this humidifier because it’s easy to fill and super portable.  Due to its size, I suggest keeping it in your bedroom or smaller area room for maximum benefit.

Switch to WaterProof Eye Makeup

Although the snow outside may look beautiful, the winter weather isn’t always kind to your makeup.  Between harsh winds and sleet, eye makeup has a higher chance of smearing or smudging while you’re outside.  Change your eyeliner and mascara to waterproof versions for all-day wear.

Make sure to use a good eye moisturizer every night if you switch to waterproof eye makeup.  Although this winter makeup hack keeps your makeup in place all season long, it’s still very drying to your skin.  Thoroughly wash all eye makeup off at night and clean and moisturize your skin for before bed!

Set Your Makeup

Brush a light layer of translucent powder over your face to set your makeup.  This will help avoid the transfer of your makeup onto scarves and hats.  A double win for both your face and clothing!

Lip Hydration

Keeping your lips hydrated during winter is just as important as keeping the rest of your skin moisturized.  Use a lip balm as much as needed throughout the day.

Although it may be hard for some (myself included!), put away your matte lipsticks for the season and stick to dewier shades that will help seal in moisture.

Use a Moisturizing Foundation

BB creams and tinted moisturizers are your friends during the wintertime.  They add an extra layer of moisture over your skin to ensure your skin stays hydrated while evening out your skin tone.

Using either of these types of foundation will leave you with a natural glow as both are very sheer.  This is perfect for the no-makeup makeup trend this season.  But if you’re looking for a heavier finish, it’s okay to stick with a liquid foundation if you prefer.  Just use a hydrating primer underneath.

Liquid Highlighter

Just because it’s winter time doesn’t mean you should stop using a highlighter!  Switch to liquid versions to retain moisture in your skin.

All powder makeups (besides a thin layer of translucent) should be avoided during wintertime.  They can make your skin look dull and dry.  Especially those with fairer skin.

Play With Your Eyeshadow

Winter Eyeshadow Trends

This season is dedicated to different shades of beige and tan.  One makeup trend for the cold weather is all about adding a pop of color to your look.  Why not try adding a shimmery blue to your lids to get the full winter wonderland effect?  If blue is not your color, greens and purples are also in this season.

Cold weather season is the best time to hibernate in some warm comfy clothes and start experimenting with new makeup looks.  Take as much time as you want to try out that crazy eyeshadow color you’ve been scared of using and just play around to see what works and what doesn’t for you.

Winter 2018 Makeup Trends

Just make sure that hydration is the focus of all your efforts and you’ll be set until spring!

Have any other winter makeup hacks to share?  What makeup are you using this season?  Let me know below!

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